The Story of a
Spoken Word
Warrior & Nomad

“Words cut deeper than knives. A knife can be pulled out, words are embedded into our souls.”

- William Chapman

©Ashley Joana / Eastbelgium 2021

Who is Jessy James LaFleur

Jessy James LaFleur, a nomad with conviction, a Spoken Word artist, rapper, activist, workshop host and entrepreneur who’s taken a million and one paths around the world over the last 18 years.
Aachen born, East-Belgium raised, she has brought her music and poetry to the stage in more than 30 countries and in 3 different languages (German, French, and English).

Dubbing herself a ‘Street Poet’, she travels with 'Constantine' and 'Theodore' – her two suitcases – from one city to another spreading the beauty of poetry.
She’s connected to a vibrant network of Spoken Word and Hip Hop collectives located in Belgium, UK, Poland, Estonia, France, Austria…,
all who believe in changing the world through the power of Spoken Word.
To Jessy James LaFleur, the Spoken Word and Hip Hop culture are an engagement meant to empower people through music and literature.

She will explore this concept further with her upcoming book project 'ANGEPRANGERT! - PRISON SLAM', which includes poems and prose from inmates in High-Security prisons and she is currently working on the publication of her first book

'CONFESSIONS OF A PAPER PLANE' (Maelstroem/Brussels 2020), which is also the name of her One-Woman-theater-piece, that she wrote and created with the help of the aspiring dramatic adviser Nils Matzka from Leipzig.
A full-length play based on her nomadic life and the love for her never-ending mission, that premiered at TDJW Leipzig and the City Theatre Wolfsburg in November 2018.

Her home bases are Görlitz, Berlin, Leipzig, Celle and East-Belgium.
In 2015 she laid the foundation for her StartUp 'ANGEPRANGERT! SPOKEN WORD', which was awarded "KULTUR & KREATIVPILOTEN DEUTSCHLAND 2020" and in the same year qualified for the stipend "InnoStartBonus"  by the Free State of Saxony.
'ANGEPRANGERT! SPOKEN WORD' also offers the first ever 'SPOKEN WORD ONLINE WORKSHOP' for poets all over the world.
She hosts and organises several Slam Poetry and literature events in Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium and teaches the magic of poetry and Spoken Word to inmates in German High-Security prisons in the context of her project ‘PRISON SLAM', which was founded in 2015.
On top of that she created her nationwide youth movement 'ANGEPRANGERT!U20'; A SpokenWord-project for young poets below the age of 20, which serves to empower young people in schools and other cultural institutions and she organises the worldwide first Spoken Word camp for youngsters from all over Germany once a year in Celle.

"As long as the magic of poetry exists, I feel at home everywhere.
To me, home is
the purest and most raw emotion that can be felt.
Home is not a place, home is found inside the heart,
and my heart is found in my poetry,

which makes poetry my home!"

- Jessy James LaFleur

Awards & Honours

  • She is the founder of the initiative 'ANGEPRANGERT! SPOKEN WORD'.

    The project was awarded a business Start-up grant by the Free State of Saxony in 2019 and is part of the founder-laboratory "AHOJ" in Görlitz.

  • She is the founder and initiator of the projetc 'PRISON SLAM', a series of workshops for male inmates in correctional facilities.

  • In 2017 she wrote and developed her first theatre play 'Confessions of a Paper Plane', which premiered on November 1, 2018 in the Wolfsburg City Theater and was subsequently performed at the TDJW Leipzig and in Tartu in Estonia.
    The play was realised with the help of Nils Matzka, a dramatic adviser and director from Leipzig.

  • In September 2019 she played one of the main roles in the political-critical theater play "RETROGLYCERIN", which was produced for the 'CAMMERSPIELE LEIPZIG'  and she was also significantly involved in the development of the script.

  • She is the first East-Belgian poet who has taken part at the "WALLOON CHAMPIONSHIP IN POETRY SLAM 2019" in Charleroi and took 2nd place.

  • She is the first East-Belgian poet, that has ever performed poetry in the German language at the "BELGIAN SLAM CHAMPIONSHIP".
    The finale took place in Leuven at the Schouwburg theatre (Leuven) in 2016.

  • She is the first East-Belgian winner of the "BORDERLINE EUREGIO SLAM 2018" and was awarded  2nd place in the election for

  • She is the first East-Belgian winner of the "INTERNATIONAL GERMAN SPEAKING POETRY SLAM" at the Book Fair Vienna 2019,
    where she competed for the Belgium Embassy.

  • In November 2019 she came third  at the "SAXONIAN CHAMPIONSHIP IN POETRY SLAM 2019", which took place in Görlitz and Zittau.

  •   A few weeks later she was the first East-Belgian poet to have taken part part in the "GERMAN-SPEAKING CHAMPIONSHIP IN POETRY SLAM 2019" in Berlin and finished in the top 10 out of 110 poets that participated.

  • She organised and hosted the "Lower Saxony / Bremen U20 Championship in Poetry Slam" in Celle in 2017 & 2018.

  • She will organise the "Belgium-Luxembourg Championship in Poetry Slam 2021", which will take place in her home region East-Belgium.

  • She has performed at renowned literary festivals all over the planet, for ex. in India, Ivory Coast, Estonia, Brussels, Cyprus, Austria,...

  • She performed before 28.000 people inside the VOLKSWAGEN ARENA for the football club "VFL WOLFSBURG" in December 2017.

  • She is currently working on her first trilingual book project "CONFESSIONS OF A PAPER PLANE", which will be published by Maelstroem in Brussels in late 2020.

  • She is the host and organisator of the follwing Poetry events in Germany and Luxembourg:

    - Görlitz / Sachsen

 (at RABRYKA / coop. Second Attempt e.V.)
    SPREELEVANT - Bautzen / Sachsen

 (at STEINHAUS / coop. Steinhaus e.V.)
    POETRY SLAM ZITTAU - Zittau / Sachsen

 (at KRONENKINO / coop. Hillersche Villa e.V.)
    BAERNAU SLAM - Bernau b. Berlin / Brandenburg

 (at KLUB AM STEINTOR / coop. HVD Brandenburg)
    BUBBLE SLAM - Berlin / Schöneweide (at university HTW Berlin)
    ANGEPRANGERT! - Celle / Niedersachsen


  • Other regular shows:


FLOTTER DREISATZ - Lüneburg / Niedersachsen (regular reading show in collaboration with Matti Linke& William Laing)
    PRISON SLAM (Die Knastlesung) - Everywhere (nomadic reading show with former inmates from the PRISON SLAM workshops)
    ANGEPRANGERT!u20 - Everywhere (stage project for under 20 poets)
    WORTAKKORD - Görlitz / Sachsen (poetic reading show with support from a live band)