The Spoken Word Academy

"I'll tell you what freedom is to me: no fear.
I mean really, no fear!"

- Nina Simone

Poetry opens doors. Often to worlds that remain closed or hidden!
Finding and opening these doors  is the mission which ANGEPRANGERT! SPOKEN WORD is highly dedicated too!

ANGEPRANGERT! takes SPOKEN WORD to places, where art and culture rarely arrive and builds a bridge between street credibility and the fine arts.
The youth and literature initiative, which was founded by SpokenWord-artist Jessy James LaFleur in 2015 in Celle and moved to Görlitz in 2019, is more than just a little bit of poetry.
The project sees itself as an alternative educational concept that combines elements from Bauhaus, HipHop, Dadaism and theater.

The goal? Visibility, self-confidence and creative exchange in a lively network that is active across Europe.
The idea of ANGEPRANGERT! SPOKEN WORD has been introduced to people in cultural and educational institutions,

as well as to companies and inmates in High-Security-prisons, where the magic of the SPOKEN WORD is shared through innovative workshops and makes literature accessible to everyone.

Because: How can we value important thoughts, if nobody hears them?

The focus of every workshop is fostering growth in every single participant and encouraging them to speak up, which is key to cultivating a community.

Let's face it, speaking up is hard generally, but it's essential for young people and their surroundings.

When you speak up, it matters. The ANGEPRANGERT!-team hears your concerns. We listen.
That's why we have a strong focus on community development within every workshop-group, we practise constructive criticism and apply the principles of the 'Non-violent communication (NVC)' by Marshall B. Rosenberg.

The most important rule of every ANGEPRANGERT! SPOKEN WORD WORKSHOP is 'RESPECT THE POET'!
Which always starts with self-respect!

Respecting yourself and your own boundaries means giving and defining your own worth and value as a human being.
Part of learning self-respect involves respecting the beliefs and views of others, that's why we exercise 'active listening' with our participants in particular.

The goal of each workshop is the creation and performance of a 'SpokenWord-poem', which is always based on the individual emotions, opinions and personal experiences of every participant.

That's why most writing tasks are based on 'Dadaism', 'Sound Poetry' and 'HipHop'.
We want our students to experiment with words and we want them to experience how frequencies resonate in the body when using their voices in different ways (screaming, whispering, expressing emotions).

The playful use of rhymes, language and rhythm are tried out in flexible modules. 

On top of writing a 'SpokenWord-poem', the workshop also takes charge of the wellness of the participant's voices by following good principles of vocal hygiene and exercising the vocal mechanism in a healthful manner.

Because writing ain't enough!

*We include warmup routines, physical warmups, and warmup games to help participants get ready to hit the stage.

*Workshops are taught within small groups and students will have the opportunity to perform solo using microphones.
*The participants can expect to learn as much (or more) from one another as they will from the workshop host.

The ANGEPRANGERT!-team is formed by the professional SpokenWord-artist Jessy James LaFleur and her students, who have gained extensive experience and know-how over many years in the fields of Stage Poetry, Stand-Up, Comedy, Theatre, Teaching and Social Work.

The ANGEPRANGERT!-team is here to serve you in the best way we can to make sure, that our students are getting exactly what they need to evolve and to find individual ways to express themselves. 

Expressing yourself through Spoken Word can give you a light feeling of relief, it will boost self confidence and it might even create new perspectives in life...

...and that is exactly what ANGEPRANGERT! SPOKEN WORD is all about!
- Self-development and loads of fun!


 Footage of one of Jessy's "ANGEPRANGERT! SPOKEN WORD WORKSHOPS" in Berlin
with young refugees at Humboldtbibliothek Berlin Reinickendorf.
Filmed by Denise Dahmen for her project "WORD FACTORY"

- with English subtitles