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Jessy James LaFleur, a nomad with conviction,
Spoken Word artist, rapper, activist, workshop host and entrepreneur who’s taken a million and one paths around the world over the last 18 years.

The East-Belgium poet has brought her music and spoken words to the stage in more than 30 countries and in 3 different languages (German, French, and English).
Dubbing herself a ‘Street Poet’, she travels with 'Constantine' and 'Theodore' – her two suitcases – from one city to another spreading the beauty of poetry...

©Ashley Joanna / Eastbelgium 2021

©Marvin Ruppert / Heidelberg 2018

Projects &
other missions

(L)OST POETS, youth empowerment, theatre plays, coaching...

Jessy can not only be seen on stage, she offers various services individually tailored to your needs and she is involved in all sorts of different projects.
Always in the name of poetry and with a heart full of love.


A small selection of different poems and performances
to give you a first impression of my work on and off the stage! Feel free to share!

Spoken Word
goes Start Up

ANGEPRANGERT! SPOKEN WORD was officially founded in Celle (Lower Saxony / Germany) in 2015 and has grown from a local youth project into an internationally recognised initiative in recent years.

The project was awarded the title

ANGEPRANGERT! SPOKEN WORD offers an innovative workshop-concept, that combines elements of 'Bauhaus', 'Street Poetry', 'Creative Writing' & 'Performance' and turns the different values of each genre into one magical coaching-experience, that takes a more integrated approach towards 'Spoken Word' & 'Theatre'.

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