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Jessy can not only be seen on stage, she also offers various services individually tailored to your needs and she is involved in all sorts of different projects.
Always in the name of poetry and with a heart full of love.

ANGEPRANGERT! SPOKEN WORD, youth empowerment, poems made-to-order, poetic wedding ceremonies,...

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Jessy's Work

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©Jessy James LaFleur

©Jessy James LaFleur


Spoken Word Artist & Rapper
(in German / French / English)

Jessy performs her poems regularly at Slam Poetry events and literature festivals all over the world  in three different languages.
She can also be booked for private and public events.

Host & Moderator
(in German / French / English)

Jessy hosts/moderates different poetry events and can be booked for panel discussions, cultural/political happenings and expert & network conferences with special focus on

environment, youthwork, feminism , economics, business and social sciences...

Youth Empowerment (Schools & cultural institutions)
(in German / French / English)

Jessy is the founder of the youth movement 'ANGEPRANGERTu20' and hosts workshops for young people all over the world in schools and cultural institutions in collaboration with teachers, other initiatives and associations and can be booked individually.

Workshops (1-1 coaching & team building)
(in German / French / English)

Jessy hosts workshops for individuals and companies based on her empowering workshop concept "ANGEPRAGERT! SPOKEN WORD'.
Get in touch if you're interesting in working with Jessy.

Poems made-to-order
(in German / French / English)

Jessy writes and creates poems & speeches for political parties, social institutions, birthdays/anniversaries and cultuaral events .
All poems are tailored to your needs and can be performed live at your event.

Poetic Wedding Ceremonies
(in German / French / English)

Get married in a real authentic 'Free Wedding Ceremony' which is designed just for you. Jessy officiates your tailormade Wedding Ceremony (not legally binding) and creates/performs a poem based on your Love Story.
Contact Jessy directly for more information.

Jessy's Projects


A selection of ongoing cooporations & former clients